Concert special: Heil sei dem Tag, an welchem Du bei uns erschienen!

Of course this is the first line of the "Kantate-Probe", the famous choral rehearsal-scene from "Zar und Zimmermann", and in the opera it is meant to pay tribute to the czar of Russia (during his stay in the Dutch town Zaandam). But next Sunday, January 30th, it will be a tribute to Albert Lortzing himself; the great but often under-estimated composer of the German Spieloper, when the Erzgebirgische Philharmonie, conducted by Dieter Klug will perform a selection of works by the master.

Albert Lortzing ist einer der bedeutendsten sächsischen Komponisten - seine Opern ZAR UND ZIMMERMANN, der WILDSCHÜTZ, UNDINE und der WAFFENSCHMIED sind zu Mustern der deutschen heiteren Oper geworden. Das concert special am 30.1. in Annaberg-Buchholz lädt ein, die Lebenswege dieses Theatermannes aus dem Biedermeier mitzugehen.

One of the works that will be performed is the "Warme weeche Bretzel"-valse, probably for the first time since 1838.