Lortzing’s Regina in Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern.

Currently Lortzing’s oper “Regina” is performed in the Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern theatre. The work has a strange history, but I will not go over that here; others have done that better. But, since the first performance of the restored version in Gelsenkirchen in 1998, the popularity of the work is rising, which is a good thing, […]

Kruse’s Lortzing Biography (1899) online, and more Lortzing Freebies!

George Richard Kruse is one of the first biographers of Lortzing and his work cannot be underestimated. He published Lortzing’s letters in three editions and several short articles. Also he published a great deal of Lortzing’s Operas with extensive, “in der Beschränkung zeigt sich nicht der Meister” prefaces and he wrote two biographies. One of […]

Abschied – LoWV 73.

A small and rather unknown piece for male choir by Lortzing found online! On June, 12th 1848 Lortzing sent a letter to the editor of the “Illustrirte Zeitung” in Leipzig, and offered this “trifle” for publication: Anbei eine Kleinigkeit für Männerchor – gut vorgetragen – macht sichs vielleicht. Ich erlaube mir jedoch die Bemerkung, daß […]

A correction of my post on “Cheristanens Denkstein”.

I was very enthousiastic about the book “Die Pokornys” by Oskar Pausch and I wrote about it, mainly because the alleged discovery of two unknown Lortzing pieces. Last week I received an e-mail by Irmlind Capelle, the world’s most acknowledged expert on Lortzing, who compiled the catalogue of Lortzings works – “Lortzing Werkverzeichnis” (1994, ISBN […]

“Cheristanens Denkstein” – an unknown piece by Lortzing from his Viennese Period.

Recently I’ve been reading Oskar Pausch’s great book “Die Pokornys – ein Beitrag zur Mitteleuropäischen Theatergeschichte “des 19. Jahrhunderts”. I bought the book mainly because Lortzing had worked briefly with Franz Pokorny during his Viennese period (1846 – 1848), and I was hoping to find some new sparks of information.Pausch didn’t let me down, when […]

A rare find in a german antiquarian bookshop.

Last summer I visited Dresden and as always I looked forward to visiting some antiquarian bookshops; especialy the “Dresdener Antiquariat”, because it has a lot of out-of-print books and musical scores. This time I was very lucky; not only did I find (at last!) a piano score of Lortzing’s “Der Wildschütz” (The Poacher), that is […]

Salamander – An “Undine”- novel.

Jürgen Lodemann is probably even more a fan of Albert Lortzing than I am. In 1962 he wrote his dissertation “Deutsche Bürgerlichkeit. Lortzing und seine Spielopern” on Lortzings Spielopern. In 2001, a Lortzing memorial year, he published “Lortzing, Gaukler und Musiker”, and last year he published his novel “Salamander – a novel” It is not […]

New Lortzing-Autograph in Lippische Landesbibliothek Detmold

The Lippische Landesbibliothek Detmold, house of the Lortzing-Archive, has acquired a new autograph of Lortzing, although it actually is only a receipt with Lortzing signature. You can read the original article here: (…)es handelt sich um eine Quittung der Schlesinger’schen Buch- und Musikalienhandlung in Berlin vom 10. Juli 1850. Lortzing quittiert den Verkauf der Lieder […]

O Reiner Unsinn – Edition WUZ special about Lortzing

An interesting issue of WUZ, a magazine devoted to Jean Paul – and especially his schoolmaster Wuz, who – like the Duke of Gloucester – preferred thin books over “damned fat square books”.So, WUZ apparently always issues small, thin booklets with only a few pages. I only got to know the magazine when the publisher, […]