An Unknown Letter of Albert Lortzing.

On 14 April 2014 I found a letter of Albert Lortzing, that he wrote on 2 february 1841, in the National Library of The Netherlands.

The letter is just registered in the catalogue, but, probably due to the fact that Lortzing is not very well known in The Netherlands, or for the reason that it is archived in a collection of manuscripts that belonged to the German-Dutch composer Gustav Adolph Heinze (1820-1904), has remained unnoticed up to now by Lortzing-scholars.

In the catalogue the addressee is indicated as “N.N.”, but it was not difficult to find out that the letter (actually more a note) was addressed to Henriëtte Brüning-Peuckert, at the time of the letter a colleague of Lortzing and later the spouse of Heinze.

I’ve written a more extensive paper on this letter; I published it here or you can find it attached to this blogpost.

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