A correction of my post on “Cheristanens Denkstein”.

I was very enthousiastic about the book “Die Pokornys” by Oskar Pausch and I wrote about it, mainly because the alleged discovery of two unknown Lortzing pieces. Last week I received an e-mail by Irmlind Capelle, the world’s most acknowledged expert on Lortzing, who compiled the catalogue of Lortzings works – “Lortzing Werkverzeichnis” (1994, ISBN […]

“Cheristanens Denkstein” – an unknown piece by Lortzing from his Viennese Period.

Recently I’ve been reading Oskar Pausch’s great book “Die Pokornys – ein Beitrag zur Mitteleuropäischen Theatergeschichte “des 19. Jahrhunderts”. I bought the book mainly because Lortzing had worked briefly with Franz Pokorny during his Viennese period (1846 – 1848), and I was hoping to find some new sparks of information.Pausch didn’t let me down, when […]